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Speaking of vines
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Speaking of vines, I didn't want to sing a song for it. I just accidentally ran into the vine. Maybe in reality, in the world, it is a plot that cannot be avoided. Perhaps it is to be taken. Kan. Honestly, I don��t have a cold on the vine, saying that it��s annoying, saying that it��s anger, but it��s more than hate. Speaking of vines, naturally reminds me of the tree, seeing the towering tree, its stalwart, its burly, its straight, let me look up, let me marvel! Do not say anything else, at least "the rest of the tree is cool" is heart-warming! Even a small sapling, I seem to be able to see its beautiful future Cigarettes Online, I thought, many, many years later, it will grow into a towering tree! Unless someone wants to let it die. Of course, I don't hate all the vines, such as sweet potato vines, a herb that deeply roots the branches and branches into the soil. Its fruit is attached to the ground, sweet and delicious, tastes great, has the taste of strawberry and more than it, has the taste of lychee and does not need to "thousands of red riding", it is imaginative, nostalgia, no fun. When I was young, the sun was burning in the sky in the summer, and the smell of the mountain sweets floated into the farmhouse. The children��s noses were quite spirited, and they carried the smell of adults. So, there were mountains and plains, and there were sweet potato vines. The place where there are children, the sweet smell of this sweet potato, the whole country is filled with its breath Marlboro Lights, this seductive elf Online Cigarettes, how many children are happy and joyful? ! Adults generally do not allow baby to go up the mountain to eat sweet potatoes. Some children don��et glass bottles. When they are at night, the children will wash the red and big sweet potatoes. When you enter the mouth of your mother Carton Of Cigarettes, you will be happy and happy. If you don��t want to go to the mountains and sweet potatoes, when you taste the sweet fruits of your child, you should at most warn two words: The weather is hot outside, don��t go to the sweet potatoes again. It is said that the mother-in-law enjoys the "benefit" of the child and has to go to the child to go to the shackles. If it is too big, he will pay the "decoction" money. This is the vine I have contacted, but it gave me a wonderful childhood and a good aftertaste. Later, when I saw more vines, I realized that the vines in the world are not so good. When I saw the vines that climbed the big trees, I didn't think there was anything wrong with them. The tree is ribbed, the vine has no bones, and it does not cling to the big tree. Who is it attached to? ! Especially in the scenic spots, take a look and see if you walk, it seems that the vines have been the righteousness, I lamented the sacrifice spirit of the tree, lamented the broad mind and supreme realm of the tree Parliament Cigarettes, it not only has to look at it To the infinite scenery, but also let the vines broaden their horizons, symbiosis and co-prosperity, flying together, this is the spirit of the tree, let me pay more respect to the tree, go back, look back, say, return, not intimate with the same vine I didn't feel that it was bad when I contacted. And the real closeness to the vine is still from the land reclamation, in a land of mixed trees and weeds, with a knife and a saw to open up the wasteland, the big tree with a big mouth can not withstand the knife, use Saw saws, and the various vines attached to the tree are daunting, upset, and miserable. The vine is extremely flexible, seemingly gentle, but it is "fierce
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