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Cloudy weather
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Cloudy weather is rare in this city. Most of it is sunshine and rain. The cloudy day is extremely precious and cute at this time. On this day, I was alone, accompanied by a breeze with a summer taste. This lake in the opposite city once again invited me to see the lake for the first time, in this city. I have seen a lot of poems about the lake before, and I feel that the lake has a wonderful and unique mood. When reading the word "lake", there is an unspeakable warmth and poetry that comes to mind. In the junior high school, Zhang Wei��s "Lake of the Heart of the Lake" gave me romantic reverie and unlimited expectations. However, in my 18-year time tunnel, the lake never saw its shadow. Until the 19th year, the lake was quietly presented in front of me in a strange city called Lake Aixi. The first time I went with a few friends. It was winter. We decided to relax on the eve of the exam. So regardless of the cold weather, I went to the lake to play. The fog was filled that day, hehe. Everything in the distance is covered by a layer of white yarn. I don't know if there is a heaven in the world. If there is, the wonderland is like this. The fog lasted for a long time, and it gradually disappeared at noon Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The lake is covered in fog, making it difficult for us to see its true face. Waiting for the fog to recede, because of time, I have to leave. Therefore, what I saw that day was the scene of Aixi Lake under the thick fog. But the fairyland is still romantic and poetic. Along the way, we took a lot of photos. The dreamy lake like Wonderland was put into the album I remembered with my true and honest friendship. The second time I went alone. At that time, Wanli was clear, and Baiyun played the freedom that belongs to it on the blue screen. I finally met with the real, clear lake. The lake was quiet and without waves, and the golden light was shining under the gentle sun. The leaves on the trees have long since disappeared, but on the ground they can see a few yellow leaves, just a few. Only a few evergreen trees still stand up, adding a touch of life. It is still the winter, I think, if it snows at that time, then the scene should be able to truly appreciate the artistic conception of "Huxin Pavilion Watching Snow". However, when the city started to rise, I have already returned to my hometown. In the soft wave of loved ones, I have melted the thick thoughts that I have brought away from home for months because of homesickness. I am with one person this year. Go. In fact, this year I went to Aixi Lake the most. Every time he has his companionship. We often walk along the lake. At that time, we have endless words, life, ideals, and beliefs are all topics we are involved in. Sometimes silence, silence does not mean shackles, but the silence of two hearts calm down. We quietly took a picture of the scene, quietly admiring the magnificent, peaceful and tranquillity of the lake. We listened to the flowers of a tree and felt the gentleness of a flower. Later, after many times with him, the topic gradually disappeared. I think he has changed. He also thinks that I have changed. However, the scenery is still, the season is still, the human heart is no longer the first time, when the tears flow down, the mouth meditation: "If life is just like the first sight, what is the autumn wind sorrow and draw the fan Newport 100S. Waiting for the idle but the heart, but the road The heart is easy to change, and then I will say goodbye. From then on, I will gradually disappear, and I will never see you again. In the future, I still go to that lake Cigarettes For Sale, one person. Maybe he will go, either alone, or there is already a beautiful woman around him Online Cigarettes. It��s just that we have never seen each other again. Even if I see you again, but the cloud is light and said: "You have come", smiled slightly, and then passed by. The lake in a different city has fulfilled my first time. Countless first time. The first time I saw the lake, I discovered the beauty of nature for the first time Wholesale Cigarettes. For the first time, because of a flower heart, I first realized the beauty of riding a car. The lake in the different city brings me surprises, surprises a person's companionship, surprises a heartbeat sound, surprises the purity of this wipe. The lake in a different city gives me gratitude, grateful for the companionship of a scene, grateful for a scene with a smile, and grateful for the feelings of being alone. The lake in the opposite city, there are many gifts waiting for me to take them apart. Then put it in the deepest part of the memory. Time to slowly precipitate, draw in memory, smile, savor

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