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There was a well in
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There was a well in the vegetable garden under the old banyan tree. It was dug during the production team. I remember that I dug a deep pit at that time. The adults worked on it while joking, with muddy water. Just as my nose was from the bubble above, the adults laughed and buried them as a one-meter wide well. In the night, I looked at the well water and looked up at the old mountain of the squatter. The black hills reminded me of the word "mountain carving" in "Well Take Weihushan". Its outline is like an old carving, a micro-engine. With huge wings, contempt for the whole village, ready to commit the enemy, of course, it can not be how to come to the enemy, but every time the mountain torrents hit, the trees on the mountain diverted the flood a lot and it guarded the village. Just like my father is guarding me with little trouble Newport Cigarettes Coupons. "In the first 30 years, I saw my father and my son. After 30 years, I saw my son and respected my father." There are some truths. Thirty years ago, before I got married, I was in the days of my father��s eyes. My father also had a son. Straight up the waist, it is a bit hard to talk in the village Newport Cigarettes. There is a young generation in the village who is big and big to me. I have raised two sons before and after. I often swear in the village: "I have two sons, I am not afraid of it." My son and son are different Online Cigarettes. Now my father is old. When I was young, my strength was almost the same. When I went home in the New Year, we both carried one thing together. We could take a rest and walk. Thirty years ago, I was watching my father's face. Now my father has to ask my opinion. If you make these 30 years like a movie, the father's figure is changed from an exclamation mark to a question mark, and I It was changed from a question mark to an exclamation mark. Benjamin Button, born in the movie Rejuvenation, was an old man. After decades, he became younger and younger, and eventually became a baby to sleep peacefully in the arms of his lover. If a person's life can be cycled, I would rather stay under my father's arm to listen to the teachings, happy and worry-free life. Time may be really in the loop, at the beginning of the formation of the universe, in the Cambrian, in the Ordovician, in the Cretaceous to the next cycle day, I hope that my father can be like a baby in my arms, or me. I fell asleep on my father's belly like a baby, and I urinated.
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