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Forenübersicht » Bewerbungen Polizei » In the days of soaring

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In the days of soaring
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In the days of soaring smoke, will there be someone who has smashed your shackles, and your waves will not become turbulent. How many emotions, how many crazy? Next to the Sapphire case, my future life will wait for you to write down the pen. If I wait until you are embarrassed, can you spare me the troubles of this space to continue this fruitless grudge. The jade people burn incense, whoever promises to the world, only hopes one person, and join hands. I am thinking about it, who is worried about the red dust? Who is looking for a sand? Who is missing a string? Biyuntian, Huanghuadi, tears swaying, how to grieve, only complain that this hate is getting stronger Marlboro Red. The smile of the millennium, for the sake of your world's eyes, I can't keep it, the old dream wakes up, and I look at it for a thousand years. You are not a gentle young boy like a million years ago. I am not a flower girl in the garden. I am a Meng Poong soup that you have drunk too many times, or I believe in the mountain alliance on the Sansheng stone. Sighing Nai He said: After alike like yesterday, I was lying in silence. I also want to have a heart that is good at water, not strong, not pessimistic, not forgetting the form, not anger, only peace of mind. Unexpectedly, don't sneak, don't be pessimistic, don't be happy with things, don't be sad, don't hesitate to do it, do it all, let it go, follow it, and let it go. The water is flowing, the time is quiet, the blue light is a glimpse, the ancient temple is a glimpse, and a lonely shadow covers the world. A scent of cold incense, a smog of rain, I have been living for a lifetime, three generations of three worlds, I only hope that Jun can avoid me from drifting away, no branch can be relied upon. The moment you turned around, the life of my depression, the bridge house under the moonlight in the south of the Yangtze River, I opened my own poems, not talking about sorrows and joys, not vying for the evening, counting half drunk, half awakened and half alive. The Buddhist monk in Yunxiang said: from birth to death, between breathing. From the fascination to the realization, between the thoughts. From ancient times to today, between laughter and laughter. From love to hate, between impermanence. From heart to heart, not far from heaven and earth. Life always wakes up like this. When I wake up, I laugh at the flowers, when I am drunk, I am sleepy, but I can��t help the beautiful people to fall into red, and I feel red and red Cheap Cigarettes. In the bamboo fence, Biliantian, you gave me a flashy season. In the Sansheng III, I have to shave everything I remembered in my bones like a bone-baked, a few words of heartfelt words, there will be a hundred thousand turns of stagnation, no It��s as good as it is. A stack of Fanghua, let the years go with the heart, do not have to turn around, do not have to linger, only quietly appreciate the dark fragrance floating, Ren Yuhua passed away. Gorgeous sly, silently ending, only the loneliness of the shadow, and the madness of this world. Clear heart, hand dyed a sleeve of scented ink, fiber refers to light dance, dissolve a song and sing songs late. The sacrifices of time have been repeated one after another. I have covered all the years, but I have not seen the incense Newport 100S. The world said that I am not pious enough, just like the beauty of the face, the talents of the world say beauty. The stringed sound of the cymbal has set off my heart without waves. Everything is no longer windy and light, and the past is like smoke, flying, and going. Yesterday, the yellow flower was already ridiculous, leaving only the full of the sky, like a faint wind, gently licking each other's face, but the ending is gradually drifting away. I am a singer, I am very gentle, and I am innocent, I am plain and green, I am reading you as a corner of the sky, the shore of the water, I am a poet in the original hometown of the mountains and high waters, this is unforgettable, this situation Weiyang. Memories such as hustle and bustle, thin and plain, the ring of the ring is mottled like a stagnation, shallow time, only after you have passed away from the world, the tenderness in the eyes still falls on my shoulder. Everything is ruthless, and all the laws are without me. In a hurry, I have been cast into sorrow and sadness. I have lost the remnants of the reincarnation. You are the red lotus in my heart. I am only in the red dust. Only I understand the pain of your residual flowers. Only I read you. The thousand-year-old Fanyin Peach Blossoms are allies, the red dragonfly is the letter, the green dragonfly goes to the same, the zero-slung, the ordinary, and only hope that the two will not forget. If it's cold, just rely on the bar, read the red candle and tears, read the fascination of the monarch, and the finale of the song. I missed it, and the red dust is crazy.

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