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season, you dance beau
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In the late autumn, the sky is blue and the sun is clear and warm. In the four seasons, I love autumn alone, love the beauty of it, and love it. Thank God, always in the days of my rest, I took a high-profile sunny daughter to go to junior high school. When I just turned on, I went to the school. When I was able to clean up, it was full of sunshine. I was lazy on the balcony. In the soft chair, I held the warm sunshine in the autumn and embraced me tightly. I smelled the fascinating taste. It was the taste that I had longed for in my life. It was quiet, soft, thick and warm. It was the taste of a lover, the four seasons. Reincarnation Newport Cigarettes Coupons, only in the autumn, I grew into a liI have longed for a lot of spring and autumn, and when I met, I really felt a shock. The sleepiness of all the way disappeared, and the guesswork all the way disappeared without a trace. Stone City is a stone city, stone city is wrapped in stone. Among the high peaks, it is very close to the sky and far from the ground. The wind on the wall was very strong, and the trees were so strong that they screamed loudly; the flowers were very soft, and they all slid low toward the head. Waiting for a mountain bend to enter the gate of Stone Town, then look up at the arched side door of Stone City, and use both hands and feet to climb up. Climb the side door of Stone Town, near noon. The sun shone on the head, and the mountain breeze blew in the ear. The forest blocked the sight of the people, and it was impossible to see where the wall of the moss coat stretched and where it disappeared. I only think that this wall is so strange that it is wide and narrow; it is high and short. Or conceal in the foothills, or bulge on the mountain ridge, there is a gate at a section of the city wall Marlboro Gold, and a gate ght-colored chrysanthemum, melted into the warmth of Qiuyang, and the tenderness of the water is quietly blooming in the autumn. Perhaps it is from the depths of the heart that has the same destiny as autumn, and life is not confused Wholesale Cigarettes. Over 15,000 days and nights of superimposition, the thicker the day, the more the door can not open the closed door in the depths of the soul, so I like autumn, like in the sunset, a man squatting in the old tree with some vicissitudes Next, look at a curly, dead leaf. In the windy season, you dance beautifully without rhythm, then quietly drifting through your sight, following the wind and sliding across the street, going to a distant place you don��t know. So there is tears in my eyes The overflow is deciduous, or for solo soul tired? Mr. is a loved one, a lover in the bottom of my heart, Mr. and I are old-fashioned, and my lover is in the shadows. I dance with my heart. Mr. is the daughter's father, but the lover is the rewriting of my life. A little woman, I want my husband to be my lover.
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