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, and understood wh
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Lying on the sofa, squatting on the sofa, opening a thick book, letting the heart walk with the book, walking with the ancient and modern, walking with the Chinese and foreign, peering in the pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty, peering in the search for the world's vicissitudes . Walking with the book, dream back to the Tang Dynasty. In Chang'an City, above the wine cellar. "Aneng can destroy the eyebrows and lose weight, so that I can't be happy!" Taibai left hand-held, right-handed pen, while drinking wine, while screaming. Although I stood outside the window, I couldn't help but be infected by his pride. I secretly admire his optimism. Next to the desert road Newport Cigarettes, outside Shijie Village. I stand in the dark. "Overnight in Shijie Village, there are people who catch up late at night." Zimei looked at the old woman who was towed away by the bureaucrats in the village, and reluctantly sent a heavy sigh Marlboro Cigarettes. "It��s a pity that I don��t want to worry about the country and the people." I watched his slightly embarrassed back, and I was silent. On the Xiangyang River, inside the painting. "The same is the end of the world, people will meet each other." Lotte hides his face and cries, the green shirt is wet. I stood at the bow, and my heart was sour in the night. Walking with the book, stepping into the Song Dynasty. Under the Chibi, on the river. Dongpo Liquor Linjiang, Yokohama poetry. I sighed for his bold and open-mindedness. In the sinking garden, under the peach tree. I was so sad that I was staring at the powder wall. I sighed for his love dreams. Willow shore, Xiaofeng residual moon. Three changes drunk, sing low. I sigh for his ignorance. Walking with books, you can not only travel through time, but also through space. I entered the Colosseum and found the Spartacus who was fighting the beast in the chaotic crowd. He listened to the horn of the fighter and followed him on the journey. Finally, in the bloody sun, under the big cross, although the lion has hanged the noble head, it is more like the hero's belief in blood redness - freedom. I stepped into the sanctuary of music and saw that the deaf commander was helpless on the stage and was frustrated. As he ran home, he was trying to comfort a few words, but he stood up fearlessly Marlboro Lights, holding his own tenacious hand and holding the throat of fate. The beating notes in "The Symphony of Destiny" turned into a silent cry of Beethoven - strong. I hesitated to step into the Auschwitz concentration camp and stand beside Anne. Everything I saw in front of me reminded me of purgatory in Divine Comedy. The cruel "Gestapo", the Jews who have a fateful path, the dark and poisonous gas chamber, and the bloody "bone pool." The flower swaying in the wind seems to be the only bright color in the world. I seem to have heard the call of thousands of people - peace. I am on the battlefield in the United States, and I am in the rain of bullets. In the fierce battle between the two armies, I vaguely saw a figure of black people who are fighting for their dreams. With their own determination, and with the guns that slammed the flames, they told me their dreams - equality and books, I witnessed the wonders of the beauty, met the heroes, and understood what is true, good, and beautiful, and benefited from it. Shallow. Walking with the book, the walker has no boundaries!
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