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eir steps are like
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As usual, casually walking on the unchanging sidewalk will not be excited for the new leaves, nor will it be ruined by the fallen leaves, and will not be sorry for the grass that has been inadvertently trampled. Sometimes I kicked the stone boringly, lowered my head, and my eyes touched the grass that was flat between the cracks in the street. The heart was a kind of swaying Marlboro Lights, the color was just green, but the body was already riddled with holes. It seems that every A crack is a faint wound. The only difference from the scar is that blood without a symbolic life oozes out - perhaps the source of its life has long dried up in the footsteps of the rush. Perhaps this grass has planned to inherit its own essence in this cement-cast city in the future, and has imagined that it and the same people will sprout in the gap that these so-called "civilizations" are trying to bury. For yourself, find more space for survival. How can you expect that you will be killed in this ugly crack when you are not awake? They are like the souls lying in the darkness, always eager to go through the long tunnel and see a little light. As a result, they climbed the top of the stone and tried to spread outward. But people's unintentional footsteps are like the swaying boulder on the top of the stone cave, and they ignore the hunger and thirst warmth of life touching the bright hand. Although there is no blood, but it is also a cruel. Sometimes, think of our world as abstract. The place that is very high from us is a platform, like a sidewalk, and a negligible area is just a gap between the bricks and bricks on the sidewalk. Human beings are the grass in the gap, and they want to climb up with their own wisdom to satisfy the curiosity of the world beyond the gap. In reality, people always love to build high-rise buildings Marlboro Gold, or to study the sky, this is actually an instinct, a search for higher areas, just like the grass that the grass wants to touch and smash. If you unscientificly imagine the world as a crack in a small neighborhood of a larger world, how easy it will be to change the world. Occasionally, a forest fire may have just been thrown into an unextinguished cigarette; an inexplicable acid rain may be just a basin of waste water poured into it; an unknown piece of meteorite may be just a naughty child unintentionally thrown in. A stone, gray, maybe the cleaners forgot to clean; the blue sky, perhaps the city has undergone a thorough renovation. There may be countless feet on our feet, and their steps are like crumbling stones, which inadvertently kill our lives, let our new souls lie flat in the ugly gap. We are also like ignorant grass. I plan to follow my own hopes and conquer everything Newport 100S, and I never want to bow my head and get inspiration from the experience of a smaller life than ours.
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