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The scented ink tray
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The scented ink tray is filled with fragrant ink, and there is a writing brush hanging next to it. Eight years ago, I had the honour of getting to know a writing brush. I happily held the writing brush, playing with it in the palm of my hand, laughing, giggling. Grandpa patiently guided me and taught me how to hold a brush, how to use a brush, and how to dip a brush. I looked at this writing brush very novelly, stroking the text on it, and the wonderful taste spread in my heart. I pressed the paper with one hand, the palm of my hand was held by the grandfather's big hand, holding a writing brush, and following the grandfather's hand "flyed" on the paper. Although there are many words that I do n��t recognize, I ca n��t recognize them at a young age, but looking at the powerful Chinese characters on the paper, my pride came to my heart. After two years, I was able to copy some simple Chinese characters by myself, and there was a cocoon on my little middle finger. Grandpa asked me to take part in the "In-Class and Out-of-Class Cup" calligraphy competition and also told me to return with an award. On a weekday, I was praised as "a flower" by family members, and I was naturally full of joy and fantasies about winning the prize. My heart is filled with pride and confidencetention and pride Cigarettes Online, I started to play, and no longer work hard. I curled up at home, hiding in the room, scolding the game weakly and crying helplessly. This year, there was a layer of ash on the pen and ink. I didn't dare to touch them. I didn't know why I accidentally saw the calligraphy competition on TV. Go all over to the study, go to a familiar place, wipe off the layer of ash from it, and hold the writing brush skillfully, and write down every stroke. I went to the competition again. This time, I didn't let myself down. I won the prize. But I didn't laugh, I didn't feel the slightest happiness Online Cigarettes. I cried, and I cried so much, because I knew that in the past six years, I had paid and mourned Newport 100S, but all succeeded. Holding the certificate and kissing twice strongly, I understand that life is like a tea cup. If it is full of hard work, the taste is as bitter as coffee, then mellow and long.

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