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I like San Mao.
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I like San Mao. She writes and remembers the golden desert with her beautiful words. Looking at "Scarecrow's Notes", I will indulge in the undulating text. San Mao will run to the sea to pick her stones when the tide rises. , Will run alone back to her hometown without telling others, she will be single to find the sky of her childhood dreams, a very opinionated woman, she may have a lot of dissatisfaction in her life, but her sky is full of scarecrow-like strength and Perseverance, can be full of color, gorgeous and beautiful. The immovable scarecrow, mocked by the sparrow, in the preface, stood tenaciously in the wheat field. The sparrows who laughed at the scarecrow didn't know how beautiful the smile they laughed at this moment. In Mao Zedong, San Mao likens himself to being a gangster from a hollow man to a Jiang Yang robber, but it's just a story of a teenager studying hard and growing up. This legendary woman's life experience of dropping out of school to growing up to study abroad may not be smooth Marlboro Gold. , But use free and easy words to remember the growth of life so easily. "Dear Mother-in-law" is the millennium of the little daughter-in-law. "The dying of a confidant" is a typical marriage of a wife who loves and even fears his wife. "Flower Girl" is a great example of vicious sales. "Giant" is The red-haired child alone holds up the tall image of a family, San Mao's "Scarecrow Notes" is just a bit of ordinary memory in life, but always expresses love for life and thinking about life. San Mao is enthusiastically engaged in life, sincere to himself, and faced with life deeply. Many actually desolate encounters, San Mao can write it lively, free and easy, she is not sorrowful, but just in life There is something stronger than sadness. "Large hair like grass, farther and farther to live-the photo residence looks desolate and miserable as hell, but there is boundless happiness in heaven like heaven." San Mao can always write this kind of text that makes the soul baptized. Every bit of life, all kinds of suffering, the strength and fragility of life, anger and calm, love and hate, joy and pain, laughter and tears, all became instantaneous gentle "smiles" at that moment, smiling face The past, the beginning of the present, and the future of the future. After all, all the past clouds and smoke will change, after all, everything will return to nothingness and truth, and it will not change��it is that pious smile. Maybe we will encounter all kinds of unsatisfactory difficulties in life and work Cigarettes For Sale. Chaimi oil-salt vinegar tea, clothing, food, clothing, and housing are all tossing. Life will not always be smooth, bumpy, bumpy, bumpy It is inevitable, but like a scarecrow under San Mao's pen, even if the clothes are torn, with hanging branches like arms, looking at the beautiful wheat field, a pious smile comes out. "The years are extremely beautiful, because it inevitably passes, spring flowers, autumn months, summer days, and winter snow." Perhaps the development of enterprises and society always has various difficulties Cigarettes Online, there are always losses and gains, we do not have to learn Lin Daiyuhua Xiehuafeihua The burial of flowers in the sky, because the flowers will eventually fall into the earth and become spring mud to protect the flowers. How do you know that it is not the way of life it loves? Maybe we will lose a lot on the road, but we also There will be gains. Don't worry about the momentary failure and loss, but show a pious smile and greet the baptisms of time and again, such as the phoenix nirvana, which will eventually glow with brilliance after the blazing blazing. . "I have a constant faith in my heart, what it is, I don't know very well, but I will not give up the power that guides me in the meditation until one day I leave the earth and return to the eternal place." San Mao ��s faith and strength have traveled through thousands of mountains and rivers, and we have not let go, letting everything flow into the river of life, facing the warm sunset, turning into a pious smile
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