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I finally learned to swim and
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As we grow up, we will encounter some setbacks and difficulties more or less, but it is accompanied by some happiness and some happiness. These little things are like the stars that dot the hearts of our little teenagers. In the summer vacation of the fourth grade, my mother gave me a swimming class, and the swimming class teacher will teach me the skills of survival, which can help us escape from difficulties when we encounter heavy water. However, it is not easy to think back to practice. The first time I walked into the swimming pool, I was not only fascinated by the clear water of the pool. Lan Yingying's crystal clear bottomed out, and it gave me a refreshing refreshment on a hot summer day. The teacher first taught "diving". When I heard this word, my heart was terrified. The pool looked so deep! The teacher said: "When diving, the nose can not breathe, if you breathe, you will choke water." Choke water! God! Looking at the water about two meters deep Cigarettes Online, I dare not jump! Both legs were terrified, and I thought my mother blamed my mother for making me a rat, and I was so timid as a rat, and I was so worried all the time, the time passed arduously, it was my turn to dive when When the teacher stretched out his hands to pick me up, I shook my head fiercely. The teacher hesitated to see me, so he said with a face: "Jump! If you don't come down, let the person behind push you!" Looking back, there was no one behind! The teacher took the opportunity to pull me down, "Punch" I fell into the water, scared away, but just when I fell into the water, I suddenly felt that the water was not deep, I was floating, but also Very cool! I'm not afraid anymore, I started practicing diving once, twice, three times ... Ah, I finally passed the level of diving! The next thing is to hold my breath. This task sounds simple, but I never expected it to be a very amazing job, that is to hold my breath under water 100 times mokingusacigarettes.com, oh my god! This is simply sensational! No way, practice! My friends and I dived into the water at once, and turned into a group of ducklings. Time passed slowly Newport 100S. We practiced time and time again, and finally it was a practice session. When I returned home that night, there was no one in the swimming pool, as if we accompanied it to sleep. How to say it, I only realized after going through it. In fact, swimming is also a very good thing. In these days of training, I finally learned to swim and got a big red certificate. I hope to practice in the future , There are better techniques for teachers to teach us. What a wonderful process of growth, there is happiness, there are happiness, but there will also be difficulties, there are bumps ... It is precisely because of the gains from overcoming the difficulties that the road to growth has become more beautiful.
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