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curved gallery upst
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Chongqing is abbreviated as "Yu". It is known as "Mountain City". It is a prosperous big city. Both its food characteristics and folk customs have a history and culture. When we first arrived in Chongqing that night, we went to the loquat garden, the most famous hot pot city in the area. After ordering Chongqing's most famous fish such as fish Cigarettes For Sale, crispy meat and maodu, we drank tea while waiting for the bottom of the pot to boil. After a while, small bubbles appeared in the pot, and the pot soup boil We put all kinds of dishes into the pot, and in the boiling soup Newport 100S, the dishes soon cooked. I couldn't wait to get the enoki mushroom, and then my mother suddenly said "see you tomorrow!" We laughed. Everyone is surrounded by hot pots, chatting while eating, Chongqing hot pots can be rich and frugal, and they have endless fun. Chongqing hot pot is a delicacy often eaten by locals. It is as spicy and spicy as we live. We outsiders will feel uncomfortable when they start to eat hot pot because it is too numb! But eating Chongqing hot pot will love it as much as they do! It can be seen that Chongqing people's favorite food is hemp and spicy. In fact, there are regional reasons for the preference for spicy and spicy. Chongqing is a "mountain city" and has a high humidity all year round! Therefore, the Chongqing diet is centered on the words "numbness, spicy, hot", suitable for all ages. Of course, in addition to the hot pot, there is also the famous "Chongqing hot and sour powder" is also a must-try snack mokingusacigarettes.com. Hot and sour powder is divided into gouache and dry powder, mainly "spicy, spicy, fresh, fragrant, sour", tastes sour and spicy and salty taste. These delicacies are completely the culinary culture of Chongqing people. They like spicy for a long time, from beginning to end! After eating hot pot, Chongqing also put on "evening clothes"! The driver told us that the night view of Chongqing is not a tree in Nanshan, and our family boarded Nanshan with great interest! In Nanshan, it is very beautiful to see the twinkling silver lights at the meeting place of the two rivers, like the stars blinking and reflected in the river. Standing on a tree viewing platform, from a distance, Wanjia, Chongqing, Zhongyuan District, with brilliant lights, how beautiful and charming Chongqing is at night! Of course, we do not forget to leave this beautiful, the family took pictures to commemorate, the whole family is particularly happy! Chongqing's residential architecture is also unique. The famous "Diaojiao Tower", at first I thought it was a rope hanging a "building"! But I have doubts again: Where is the rope "hanging" from Diaojiaolou? In the high mountains? In the jungle? Well, why should it "hang"? Diaojiaolou is usually covered with tiles and supported by pillars. Not only is there a curved gallery upstairs, but also railings. Not only is there ventilation in the stilted building, it is also not dry. Many Diaojiaolou, like the stars, covered the whole earth. This Diaojiaolou not only showed the wisdom of the locals, but also confirmed the traditional culture of Chongqing. This trip to Chongqing left a deep impression on me! The hot Chongqing and the hot Yaomei symbolize the hot life
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