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minutes to 7!" Looking at the
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After school, finally at school! Originally at 5 o'clock, the teacher pressed to 5:30. "After school." The teacher's words just fell, and Qianer appeared at the door of the classroom with a smile on her face. I really don't know how she ran from the seat so quickly outside the classroom. You come in for me! "The teacher said sharply Wholesale Cigarettes." How many times have I said that I have to stand in line in the classroom before I can go away? You Qianer finished listening to the teacher angrily and returned. But she was dissatisfied and whispered, "I'm going to go to the toilet for 3 classes, I'm going to the toilet! This Donald Duck (Tang Laoya)!" "Don't say that," Xiao Yun interrupted again. "If you are heard by Donald Duck, you're done." "Aren't you saying Donald Duck the same! Is it hard for you to be afraid of being heard by Donald Duck?" I cried with Qianer. At this moment, the voice of the teacher came from behind Qianer: "Who is Donald Duck? You three all ran around the school playground for me! After running, I went home." classroom. Look at the sky a bit shady, as if it is going to rain. The two of them angrily shouted at me: "Wen Wen, both blame you!" I am not convinced, how can I blame me all. Although I was a little unhappy, we only ran together Marlboro Gold. Good friends, you have to be blessed to share it, and you have to be together when you are in trouble! Other classmates have all returned home, but three sonorous figures appeared on the playground. After the run, there was a light rain. We ran back to the classroom and started to pack up the schoolbags. "Yeah, what about homework?" Xiao Qian, who loves to forget things, asked. "Okay, let's go! It's raining." "It's okay, I have an umbrella." Xiao Yun patted the umbrella. "Then, go to Qianer's house first!" I said to them both. The three of them were noisy. Although they had umbrellas, they were already wet. Qianer's house was not far away Parliament Cigarettes, and soon arrived at her house. Xiao Yun and I went to my house again with an umbrella. Halfway along, the two of us grabbed an umbrella to play. Suddenly, there was a strong wind, and Xiao Yun's umbrella was blown away by the wind. "My umbrella!" Xiao Yun shouted while chasing. "Come back quickly, don't be drenched with soup" rabbit "!" I looked at Xiao Yun, who was already soaked all over, and I said anxiously. Xiao Yun also retorted: "You are not the same." I looked at myself and it was really good. Finally, when I came to my house, watching God didn't mean to "cry" at all, I asked Xiao Yun to make a call to her house, and live in my house tonight. Xiaoyun's parents agreed. In the evening, the two girls squeezed into a bed and couldn't sleep in a gleeful morning. Xiaoyun got up first and yelled, "Wen Wen, it's 5 minutes to 7!" Looking at the watch, "Ah! Really." We quickly put on our clothes, grabbed the schoolbag and ran to the school. I really don't sleep at night and I don't wake up in the morning. At the gate of the school, Qianer and I bumped into a full body. Qianer stuttered and said, "You ... you two ... get up so late?" "Let it be three, seventy-one and twenty-one, let's go!" Three of us grinned, and three clangs appeared on the playground. Figure of
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