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little bit, and it seemed to co
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The school organized a visit to the museum. After many visits, I decided to sunbathe on the rooftop. On the rooftop, I found four strange doors that appeared out of thin air. The doors are marked with: 2031, 3456, 7326, 8347. I hesitated and opened 8347. As soon as I entered the door, I ran into a behemoth. Huh? What is this? How is it like a tree? "I'm Thunder Dragon, where did you come from?" What? Thunder Dragon? I heard correctly! What year is this? Hasn't the dinosaur already gone extinct? I raised my head and looked up for a long time without seeing its head. "I'm a human being, and I don't know how to get here at once Cigarettes Online." "Humans? Didn't humans have disappeared? We disappeared after the humans disappeared." Your dinosaurs disappeared first, how can we humans disappear? At this moment, two fierce dinosaurs tore up in the distance. I saw one of the dinosaurs actually had three horns. There are two spear-like horns on his head. The other corner actually grows between the eyes and the nostrils. The other dinosaur is even more terrifying. It has teeth with a mouth that is larger than the sum of both hands, and its eyes are two circles larger than my head Marlboro Gold. I was so scared that I was about to run. Thunder Dragon picked me up at once. Put it on its back and say: "These are the two most fierce dinosaurs. Three dragons and Tyrannosaurus rex, if you are found by them, they are dead. At this time, a dinosaur with a tooth like a knife rushed towards us Come here. Thunder Dragon said: "No, this is Ssangyong. It must have seen you. Want to treat you as lunch. "What should I do? You can't save yourself from death?" Lei Long saw a swamp beside him. Suddenly led me into it. I was frightened and shouted: "Help, help!" Lei Long said with a smile: "What are you afraid of? We Lei Long will not fall into the swamp Newport 100S. Because our body has great buoyancy." Oh? Like This. I laughed embarrassedly. At this time, a small dinosaur was caught by Ssangyong. I asked Thunder Dragon: "This is a dragon? Why is it so weak." "This is a human dragon." "What? Human dragon?" I was almost surprised to fall into the swamp from Thunder Dragon's back. "Yes, humans have destroyed the environment so much that they eventually destroyed themselves. Humans are also our ancestors. To say that, after our dinosaurs disappeared 65 million years ago, several years later, the meteorite hit the earth again. Humans After the disappearance, our dinosaurs were resurrected. Some humans that did not die have evolved into human dragons. Because they are too weak, they are regarded as lunch by us. It is terrible. At this time, a fist suddenly appeared in the sky The black shadow spread a little bit, and it seemed to cover the whole sky. Suddenly, four mysterious doors appeared in the dark sky. One of them said "2009". I hurried to this one The door ran. Seeing that the door was about to close. Quickly ... fastly ... At the last second, I finally opened the door and only heard "bang". I returned to the museum
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