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end:" This Husband's
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In the long river of time, the water gurgled. Many ancient and modern literati Moke, their thoughts <a href="smokingusacigarettes.com">Carton Of Cigarettes</a>, their philosophy, like the stones in this long river, become smoother after years of polishing. The turbulent rivers will surely carry your soul boat and dream sail, and slowly drive to the distance you desire. Books are the crystallization of human wisdom. We can talk to the sages we have never met through books; we can read all kinds of life from the books and taste the warmth of humanity; we can use the books to learn what happened in ancient times, what people in ancient times experienced The world is full of books that are the guide to the journey. Some people said that when the parents were confused, it was his parents who woke him up. Others said that a certain book led him to the light. In the book, the author persuades and warns us with his own experience or the stories of others. Concentrated in the book is the author's life and effort, like a lamp in the darkness, giving us light. Books are a shortcut to human progress. Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin said: "Unwinding is beneficial, is it in vain." The famous writer Gorky said: "Books are the ladder of human progress." Helen Keller said: "A new book is like a ship, leading us from a narrow place to life There is no limit to the vast ocean <a href="salesmoking.com">Newport Cigarettes Coupons</a>. "There is a golden house in the book, Yan Ruyu in the book, and Qian Zhongsu in the book. "Marx likes to study. Although his life is full of ups and downs and his life is very difficult, he still overcomes all kinds of difficulties <a href="vipusacigarettes.com">Cigarettes For Sale</a>, insists on reading and scientific research, and finally leaves the" Capital "that inspired many descendants. He is not buried in the huge waves of history. "Before the world is worried and worried, then the world will be happy and happy. Fan Zhongyan lived in poverty when he was young, and later went out to study. Almost all of him spent five years sleeping in kimono. After hard study, he was finally admitted, and his talents were able to be displayed. Medical fool. "The young Fang Zhongyong, talented and smart, but his father did not give him a good education, he just took him to visit his neighbors, and turned a gifted child into a mediocre person. Wang Anshi said at the end:" This Husband's unacceptable sky, solidified everyone, and unaffected people, only for everyone? Lao Zi said: "I have a boundless life, but know no bounds." Sun Jing head hanging beams, Su Qin cone thorn stock, Che Yin family catch fireflies as lamps to use for reading ...... These stories of the ancients make us feel ashamed, books are endless Treasure house of knowledge, why do we not read it?<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="bac.forumcrea.com/viewtopic.php?id=36554">NewportCigarett esCoupons</a>
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