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Forenübersicht » Bewerbungen Polizei » NBA 2K21 is getting gassed with its Season 7 replace in MyTeam: Full Throttle

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NBA 2K21 is getting gassed with its Season 7 replace in MyTeam: Full Throttle
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2K today announced the next action-packed season of MyTEAM for NBA 2K21 on PlayStation4 and 5 Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S Nintendo Switch Google Stadia and PC arriving tonight. Start your engines it’s time to put the pedal to the metal in the four week long MyTEAM Season 7 – Full Throttle. Matching the intensity of the conclusion of the NBA regular season ballers will jump hot off the line on the race to level 40 with 150,000 XP released on day one to kick start the season.

On Saturday eighth October 2K Sports activities shall be opening up the Token Market the place you’ll have the ability to decide up gamers commemorating the most recent inductees into the Basketball Corridor of Fame whereas all gamers who login between eighth Might and fifteenth Might shall be rewarded with a Corridor of Fame badge. There’s a brand new Signature Problem impressed by Tracy McGrady in addition to new Galaxy Opal base playing cards.

Remember that all progression and the MyTEAM collection from the current generation will carry over to the next generation version on the same family of consoles. In NBA 2K21 all of your MyTEAM cards and progress will transfer from PS4 to PS5 and from Xbox One to Xbox Series X so you can enjoy MyTEAM without interruption all year long.

At just 4 weeks Season 7 will be the fastest in MyTEAM history and will include:

Kick off the new season with a Tier 1 Derrick Rose Ruby Evolution card along with 150,000 XP available from day one. Players can reach level 40 to earn a Vince Carter Dark Matter as a final reward for Season 7.
New Dark Matter cards that players can earn as rewards in MyTEAM including Elgin Baylor Larry Johnson Sidney Moncrief Bailey Howell Larry Kenton Jerry Lucas Louie Dampier and Bill Walton.
Starting Saturday May 8 the Token Market will open to commemorate new Hall of Fame inductees with exclusive packs containing Hall of Fame badges and more.
To celebrate the arrival of our Legend Edition star Kobe Bryant we're gifting all MyTEAM players a Hall of Fame badge every day for 8 days starting May 8.
The Spotlight simulation is back in Season 7. Among the new rewards are global agendas tied to some of the upcoming challenges. Which will be? The last cards needed to complete the fireball collections and the new holographic ball.
A new base set Current Series 3 which includes for the first time Galaxy Opal base cards. Stephen Curry and LeBron James as befits two true league leaders.
The new season also brings a new personal challenge chosen this time by the one and only Tracy McGrady. T-Mac has chosen the incredible scoring whirlwind that he starred in in 2004 against the Spurs. And in which he gave the victory to his team scoring 13 points in just 33 seconds.

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