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Van Cleef & Arpels Perlée
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mediately became classics, adored by long-time and recent Van Cleef & Arpels Perlée aficionados. Aficionados accepted the round shapes and highly lustrous surfaces of mid-20th-century household collections, including Couscous as well as Bagatelle, or even the delightful Votre Boutique canine clips, courting from 1954 and later, which included animals seeing that charming lambs were made by touchable, articulated gold beads. For new customers, quite a few have acquired Perlée jewellery, bracelets or simply earrings, lured by the delicate and shining round patterns that are equally traditional as well as modern. The combo of previous and new is slow. “The roundness of the precious metal pearls increases the collection an authentic touch associated with modernity, increased by the glimmer of the polishing”, specifies your home about Perlée.
This year, Van Cleef & Arpels Perlée is carrying on with its progress with creations based on sizzling colored pebbles and, considerably more particularly, all 5 new wristwatches that consume the sovereign characteristics of the collection: fluidity, playfulness, luxury, femininity and also, of course , of course , modern classicism. All in platnium — some mignons 24 mm in diameter, one 34 millimeters — many people feature a bezel with a increase row regarding gold pearls, to enhance the brilliance from the famous looking glass polish, and in addition they create a huge play of light. finished away from with a sunburst guilloché rare metal dial. Often the aesthetic exploration also is true of the motion: the traditional prized is exchanged by a push-button on the back side of the case, that permits a continuous distinctive line of gold pearl jewelry around the central. The watches are presented with interchangeable grosgrain bracelets within elegant light, purple and also black hues, or for the bracelet involving yellow gold pearls which will undoubtedly as the most ideal, for its suppleness and the experiencing of a secondly skin. he / she provides.
On Van Cleef & Arpels, secret different watches are a hub. The Perlée collection embraces three brand new ones that offer it a retro, bright colored and artwork touch, from 1960s, on account of a 360-degree swivel process. Van Cleef’s talent to get combining allure and complexity is evident in the “You along with Me” notion. The comfy red carnelian is juxtaposed with the black color pietersite, the stone unveiled this year in the Perlée variety, to which many streaks get depth in addition to emotion. The opposite two pieces catch along with via work turquoises, 1 accompanied by basic diamonds plus yellow gold, the opposite counterbalanced through ecological reefs in a temperate orange. The actual key watches attached with superb bracelets of platinum pearls supply a fine example of the marriage of jewelry and the making of watch: the anklet bracelets are made within the French courses of the house; the actual dials and even movements tend to be assembled inside the watchmaking work spaces in Geneva.
For observe enthusiasts, Vehicle Cleef and Arpels Perlée is identified with tricky yet graceful, delightful together with surprising designs — mainly this year together with the incredible automatons and living watches displayed at Wristwatches & Delights. The new Perlée watches — sensual, irreverent, refined and authentic gems — tell us this Van Cleef & Arpels’ jewelery skills is as potent, clear as well as distinctive as its horological wizard.
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